Whirlpool Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 12 " W10337247

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  • Measures approximately 12 inches in overall diameter.
  • Outside diameter of turntable track is 10 1/4 inches.

This microwave tray replaces Whirlpool part #s

  • W10337247
  • W11367904

This microwave plate fits all series of the following Whirlpool models:

GMH6185XVB3, GMH6185XVQ3, GMH6185XVS3, IMH15XVQ4
IMH16XWQ4, IMH16XWS4, MMV1164WS6, UMV1160CS2, UMV1160CS3, WMH1163XVB5, WMH1163XVD5,
WMH1163XVQ5, WHH1163XVS1, WMH1163XVS2, WMH1163XVS3, WMH1163XVS5, WMH1164XWS5, WMH2175XVB5, WMH2175XVQ5, WMH2175XVS6, WMH2175XVS7, WMH2175XVT5, WMH31017AB0, WMH31017AB1, WMH31017AB2, WMH31017AD0, WMH31017AD1, WMH31017AS0, WMH31017AS2, WMH31017AS3, WMH31017AS4, WMH31017AS5, WMH31017AW0, WMH31017AW1, WMH31017AW5, WMH31017FS0, WMH31017HS1, WMH31017HS2, WMH31017HS3, WMH31017HW3, WMH31017HZ0, WMH31017HZ1, WMH31017HZ2, WMH31017HZ3, WMH31017HZ4, WMH32517AB2, WMH32517AS2, WMH32517AT2, WMH32517AW2, WMH32519CB1, WMH32519CS0, WMH32519CS1, WMH32519CS2, WMH32519FW0, WMH32519FW1, WMH32519FW2, WMH32519FW3, WMH32519FWB0, WMH32519FWT0, WMH32519FZ0, WMH32519FZ1, WMH32519FZ2, WMH32519FZ3, WMH32519HV0, WMH32519HV1, WMH32519HV2, WMH32519HV3, WMH32519HV4, WMH32519HV5, WMH32519HW1, WMH32519HW2, WMH32519HZ0, WMH32519HZ1, WMH32519HZ2, WMH32519HZ3, WMH32519HZ4, WMH 32519HZ5, WMH32L19AS0, WMH32L19AS1, WML55011HB0, WML55011HB1, WML55011HB2, WML55011HS0,   WML55011HS1, WML55011HS2, WML55011HS3, WML55011HS4, WML55011HW0, WML55011HW1, WML55011HW2

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