Whirlpool Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 12 in # 4393799

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W - 4393799
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  • Glass turntable plate / tray for Whirlpool microwave ovens
  • Measures approximately 12 inches in diameter
  • The inner ring where the turntable wheels fit has an outside diameter of 9 inches

This microwave tray replaces Whirlpool part #s

  • 4393799
  • 8206226

This microwave plate fits the following Whirlpool models:

GH4155XPB0, GH4155XPB1, GH4155XPB2, GH4155XPB3, GH4155XPQ0, GH4155XPQ1, GH4155XPQ2, GH4155XPQ3, GH4155XPS0, GH4155XPS1, GH4155XPS2, GH4155XPS3, GH4155XPT0, GH4155XPT1, GH4155XPT2, GH4155XPT3, GH4184XSB0, GH4184XSB1, GH4184XSS0, GH4184XSS1, GH5176XPB0, GH5176XPB1, GH5176XPB2, GH5176XPQ0, GH5176XPQ1, GH5176XPQ2, GH5176XPS0, GH5176XPS1, GH5176XPS2, GH5176XPT0, GH5176XPT1, GH5176XPT2, GH5184XPB1, GH5184XPB2, GH5184XPB3, GH5184XPB4, GH5184XPB6, GH5184XPQ1, GH5184XPQ2, GH5184XPQ3, GH5184XPQ4, GH5184XPQ6, GH5184XPS1, GH5184XPS2, GH5184XPS3, GH5184XPS4, GH5184XPS6, GH5184XPT1, GH5184XPT2, GH5184XPT3, GH5184XPT4, GH5184XPT6, GH6177XPB0, GH6177XPB1, GH6177XPB2, GH6177XPB3, GH6177XPB4, GH6177XPB5, GH6177XPQ0, GH6177XPQ1, GH6177XPQ2, GH6177XPQ3, GH6177XPQ4, GH6177XPQ5, GH6177XPS0, GH6177XPS1, GH6177XPS2, GH6177XPS3, GH6177XPS4, GH6177XPS5, GH6177XPT0, GH6177XPT1, GH6177XPT2, GH6177XPT3, GH6177XPT4, GH6177XPT5, GH6178XPB0, GH6178XPB1, GH6178XPB2, GH6178XPQ0, GH6178XPQ1, GH6178XPQ2, GH6178XPS0, GH6178XPS1, GH6178XPS2, GH6178XPT0, GH6178XPT1, GH6178XPT2, GH7145XFB0, GH7145XFB1, GH7145XFQ0, GH7145XFQ1, GH7145XFT0, GH7145XFT1, GH7145XFZ0, GH7145XFZ1, GH8155XJB0, GH8155XJB1, GH8155XJQ0, GH8155XJQ1, GH8155XJT0, GH8155XJT1, GH8155XJZ0, GH8155XJZ1, GH8155XMB0, GH8155XMB2, GH8155XMQ0, GH8155XMQ2, GH8155XMT0, GH8155XMT2, GH9176XMB0, GH9176XMB1, GH9176XMQ0, GH9176XMQ1, GH9176XMS0, GH9176XMS1, GH9176XMT0, GH9176XMT1, GH9177XLB0, GH9177XLB1, GH9177XLB2, GH9177XLQ0, GH9177XLQ1, GH9177XLQ2, GH9177XLT0, GH9177XLT1, GH9177XLT2, GH9184XLB0, GH9184XLB1, GH9184XLB2, GH9184XLQ0, GH9184XLQ1, GH9184XLQ2, GH9185XLB1, GH9185XLQ0, GH9185XLQ1, GH9185XLT1, GMH3174XVB0, GMH3174XVB1, GMH3174XVS0, GMH3174XVS1, GMH3204XVB0, GMH3204XVB1, GMH3204XVB2, GMH3204XVQ0, GMH3204XVQ2, GMH3204XVS0, GMH3204XVS1, GMH3204XVS2, GMH5184VAQ0, GMH5184XVB0, GMH5184XVB1, GMH5184XVQ0, GMH5184XVQ1, GMH5184XVS0, GMH5184XVS1, GMH5184XVT0, GMH5184XVT1, GMH5205XVB0, GMH5205XVQ0, GMH5205XVS0, GMH5205XVT0, GMH6185XVB0, GMH6185XVB1, GMH6185XVQ0, GMH6185XVQ1, GMH6185XVS0, GMH6185XVS1, MH1140XMB1, MH1140XMB2, MH1140XMB3, MH1140XMB4, MH1140XMQ2, MH1140XMQ3, MH1140XMQ4, MH1141XMB2, MH1141XMB3, MH1141XMB4, MH1141XMQ1, MH1141XMQ2, MH1141XMQ3, MH1141XMQ4, MH1150XMB0, MH1150XMB1, MH1150XMB2, MH1150XMB3, MH1150XMB4, MH1150XMQ0, MH1150XMQ1, MH1150XMQ2, MH1150XMQ3, MH1150XMQ4, MH1150XMS0, MH1150XMS1, MH1150XMS2, MH1150XMS3, MH1150XMS4, MH1150XMT0, MH1150XMT1, MH1150XMT2, MH1150XMT3, MH1150XMT4, MH1160XSB0, MH1160XSB1, MH1160XSB4, MH1160XSB5, MH1160XSB6, MH1160XSD0, MH1160XSD2, MH1160XSD3, MH1160XSD4, MH1160XSQ0, MH1160XSQ1, MH1160XSQ3, MH1160XSQ4, MH1160XSQ5, MH1160XSS0, MH1160XSS2, MH1160XSS3, MH1160XSS4, MH1160XSY0, MH1160XSY2, MH1160XSY3, MH1160XSY4, MH1170XSB0, MH1170XSB2, MH1170XSB4, MH1170XSB6, MH1170XSQ0, MH1170XSQ3, MH1170XSQ5, MH1170XSS0, MH1170XSS3, MH1170XSS5, MH1170XSS6, MH1170XST0, MH1170XST3, MH1170XST5, MH1170XSY0, MH1170XSY3, MH1170XSY5, MH1171XVS0, MH1171XVS1, MH2155XPB0, MH2155XPB1, MH2155XPB2, MH2155XPB3, MH2155XPQ0, MH2155XPQ1, MH2155XPQ2, MH2155XPQ3, MH2155XPS0, MH2155XPS1, MH2155XPS2, MH2155XPS3, MH2155XPT0, MH2155XPT1, MH2155XPT2, MH2155XPT3, MH2175SXB0, MH2175XSB3, MH2175XSB4, MH2175XSB5, MH2175XSQ0, MH2175XSQ2, MH2175XSQ3, MH2175XSQ4, MH2175XSS0, MH2175XSS2, MH2175XSS3, MH2175XSS4, MH2175XSS5, MH2175XST0, MH2175XST2, MH2175XST3, MH2175XST4, MH3184XPB0, MH3184XPB1, MH3184XPB2, MH3184XPB3, MH3184XPB4, MH3184XPB5, MH3184XPB6, MH3184XPQ0, MH3184XPQ1, MH3184XPQ2, MH3184XPQ3, MH3184XPQ4, MH3184XPQ5, MH3184XPQ6, MH3184XPS0, MH3184XPS1, MH3184XPS2, MH3184XPS3, MH3184XPS4, MH3184XPS5, MH3184XPS6, MH3184XPT0, MH3184XPT1, MH3184XPT2, MH3184XPT3, MH3184XPT4, MH3184XPY1, MH3184XPY2, MH3184XPY3, MH3184XPY4, MH3184XPY5, MH3184XPY6, MH3185XPB0, MH3185XPB1, MH3185XPB2, MH3185XPQ0, MH3185XPQ1, MH3185XPQ2, MH3185XPS0, MH3185XPS1, MH3185XPS2, MH3185XPT0, MH3185XPT1, MH3185XPT2, MH6140XFB0, MH6140XFB1, MH6140XFQ0, MH6140XFQ1, MH7140XFB0, MH7140XFB1, MH7140XFQ0, MH7140XFQ1, MH7140XFZ0, MH7140XFZ1, MH7155XMB0, MH7155XMQ0, MH7155XMS0, MH7155XMT0, MH8150XJB1, MH8150XJQ1, MH8150XJT1, MH8150XJZ1, MH8150XMB0, MH8150XMB2, MH8150XMQ0, MH8150XMQ2, MH8150XMT0, MH8150XMT2, MH8150XMZ0, MH8150XMZ2, MH9180XLB1, MH9180XLQ0, MH9180XLQ1, MH9180XLT1, MH9181XMB0, MH9181XMB1, MH9181XMQ0, MH9181XMQ1, MH9181XMS0, MH9181XMS1, MH9181XMT0, MH9181XMT1, WMH1162XVB0, WMH1162XVB1, WMH1162XVB2, WMH1162XVD0, WMH1162XVD1, WMH1162XVD2, WMH1162XVQ0, WMH1162XVQ1, WMH1162XVQ2, WMH1162XVS0, WMH1162XVS1, WMH1162XVS2, WMH1163XVB0, WMH1163XVB1, WMH1163XVD0, WMH1163XVD1, WMH1163XVQ0, WMH1163XVQ1, WMH1163XVS0, WMH1163XVS1, WMH1164XVS0, WMH1164XVS1, WMH1164XVS2, WMH1164XWS0, WMH1164XWS1, WMH2175XVB1, WMH2175XVB2, WMH2175XVQ1, WMH2175XVQ2, WMH2175XVS1, WMH2175XVS2, WMH2175XVT1, WMH2175XVT2, WMH2205XVB0, WMH2205XVB1, WMH2205XVQ0, WMH2205XVQ1, WMH2205XVS0, WMH2205XVS1, WMH3205XVB0, WMH3205XVQ0, WMH3205XVS0, WMH3205XVS2, WMH75520AS0, YGH5184XPB0, YGH5184XPB2, YGH5184XPQ0, YGH5184XPQ2, YGH5184XPS0, YGH5184XPS2, YGH7145XFB2, YGH7145XFQ2, YGMH6185XVB0, YGMH6185XVQ0, YGMH6185XVS0, YMH1141XMB3, YMH1141XMQ3, YMH1160XSB3, YMH1160XSQ2, YMH1170XSB3, YMH1170XSB4, YMH1170XSB5, YMH1170XSQ2, YMH1170XSQ3, YMH1170XSQ4, YMH1170XSS2, YMH1170XSS3, YMH1170XSS4, YMH2175XSB3, YMH2175XSB4, YMH2175XSB5, YMH2175XSQ2, YMH2175XSQ3, YMH2175XSS2, YMH2175XSS3, YMH7155XMB0, YMH7155XMQ0, YMH7155XMS0, YWMH1162XVB0, YWMH1162XVB1, YWMH1162XVQ0, YWMH1162XVQ1, YWMH1162XVS0, YWMH1162XVS1, YWMH2205XVB0, YWMH2205XVQ0, YWMH2205XVS0

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Additional Information

Pre Owned / Recycled Like New Option:
Pre owned trays have been professionally cleaned & sanitized. Refurbished to like new condition. Any visible blemishes are cosmetic only and are limited to light surface scratches from normal use. No cracks or chips.
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