Single Microwave Oven Door / Interlock Switch 16A - N.O.

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Replacement Microwave Oven door / interlock Switch.Operation is "NO" (normally opened). This door switch is rated at 16A, 1/2 HP, 125-250VAC. 0.6A - 125VDC, 0.3A - 250VDC.This interlock switch measures 1- 3/32" X 5/8" X 3/8". The terminal size is 3/16". The side cover of this door switch can be removed to install a switch lever.Manufactured by Starion.Will replace most switches having the same or similar size and ratings. Shipping: Normally leaves our warehouse within 1-2 business days. Item: Single Microwave Oven Door / Interlock Switch 16A - Normally Open Part No: ENETRMSWITCH/STARRD Contact Us For Questions: 1- 877-894-0035
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