LG / Goldstar Microwave Glass Turntable Tray / Plate 12 3/4 Inch

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  • Glass turntable plate / tray for LG production microwave ovens
  • Measures approximately 12 3/4 inches in overall diameter
  • Outside diameter of turntable track is 11 inches
  • This microwave tray replaces LG part # 1B71961

This microwave plate fits the following LG and other brand Models :  

DOTRM13B, DOTRM13W, DOTRM15B, DOTRM15S, EXV1511B, EXV1511BQ, EXV1511W, LCS1412, LMH1517CV, LMH1517CVST, LMV1630BB, LMV1630ST, LMV1630WW, LMV1680BB, LMV1680ST, MA960, MA960RV, MA961M, MA961RV, MA963M, MA972M, MA972MW, MA1056S, MA1161R, MA1164M, MA1171, MA1171S, MB302BM, MC156SH, MC1583QS, MC1583QSL, MD10SS, MF1561JLS, MF1561JS, MF1562JLS, MF1562JS, MH1517CV, MM101XP, MM104XP, MS101AM, MS92BM, MS92BM, MV1310B, MV1310B, MV1310M, MV1310W, MV1310W, MV1320B, MV1320W, MV1330B, MV1330W, MV1340T, MV1345S, MV1350M, MV1360M, MV1401B, MV1401W, MV1483GC, MV1483GCL, MV1500MG, MV1501B, MV1501BQ, MV1501MG, MV1501W, MV1501W, MV1502B, MV1502W, MV1510M, MV1510W, MV1511M, MV1515B, MV1515W, MV1525B, MV1525W, MV1526B, MV1526W, MV153XD, MV1540M, MV1540MM, MV1541AY, MV1541M, MV1541X, MV1542M, MV1543M, MV1543ML, MV1544DJ, MV1544E, MV1544EL, MV1544M, MV1544MD, MV1545MD, MV154SJ, MV154XP, MV1555ST, MV1560M, MV1560T, MV1561T, MV1565S, MV1604SB, MV1604SBQ, MV1604ST, MV1604SW, MV1611WW, MV1642AY, MV1642KLST, MV1642KST, MV1642KT, MV1643ASY, MV1643BSY, MV1643BTY, MV1643ML, MV1643MTS, MV1643MTSL, MV1645KS, MVH1670ST, MX1483G, MX1483GL, NNS251WL, TMH14XLB, TMH14XLQ, TMH14XLT, YKCMC155JBL-0, YKCMC155JBT-0, YKCMC155JSS-0, YKCMC155JWH-0, YMH7135XEB, YMH7135XEQ-0

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