G.E. Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 12 1/2 " WB39X10003

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Glass turntable plate / tray for G.E. and Hotpoint microwave oven models listed below

  • Measures approximately 12 1/2 inches in overall diameter
  • Outside diameter of turntable track is 10 1/4 inches

This microwave tray replaces G.E. part #s

  • WB39X10003
  • WB39X10002

This microwave plate fits the following G.E. and Hotpoint models :

EMO2000C01BB,  EMO2000C01CC,  EMO2000C01WW, EMO2000C02BB,  EMO2000C02CC,  EMO2000C02WW, JE940GV001,  JE940GV002, JES1238WH001,  JES1238WH002,  JES1238WH03, JES1246BH001,  JES1246BH002,  JES1246BH03, JES1246WH001,  JES1246WH002,  JES1246WH03, JES831WB002,  JES831WB01, JVM1410BC001,  JVM1410BC002,  JVM1410WC001, JVM1410WC002,  JVM1420BB01,  JVM1420BB02, JVM1420WB01,  JVM1420WB02,  JVM1421BC002, JVM1421BC01,  JVM1421WC002,  JVM1421WC01, JVM1430BD001,  JVM1430BD002,  JVM1430WD001, JVM1430WD002,  JVM1440AA01,  JVM1440BA01, JVM1440BD001,  JVM1440BD002,  JVM1440BD002, JVM1440WA01,  JVM1440WD001,  JVM1440WD002, JVM1441BD001,  JVM1441BD002,  JVM1441WD001, JVM1441WD002,  JVM1441WD003,  JVM1442BA01, JVM1442BA001,  JVM1450AA01,  JVM1450BA01, JVM1450BC001,  JVM1450BC002,  JVM1450WA01, JVM1450WC001,  JVM1450WC002,  JVM1451AA01, JVM1451BA01,  JVM1451WA01,  JVM1460AA01, JVM1460BA01,  JVM1460SA01,  JVM1460WA01,  JVM1460WA001, JVM1540DN1BB,  JVM1540DN1CC,  JVM1540DN1WW, JVM1540DN2BB,  JVM1540DN2CC,  JVM1540DN2WW, JVM1540SN1SS,  JVM1540SN2SS, LVM1420BA01,  LVM1420BA02,  LVM1420BA03, LVM1420WA01,  LVM1420WA02,  LVM1420WA03, RVM1425BA004,  RVM1425BA01,  RVM1425BA02, RVM1425BA03,  RVM1425WA004,  RVM1425WA01, RVM1425WA02,  RVM1425WA03,  RVM1435BD001, RVM1435BD002,  RVM1435BD002,  RVM1435BH001, RVM1435BH001,  RVM1435WD001,  RVM1435WD002, RVM1435WD002,  RVM1435WD002,  RVM1435WH001,  RVM1435WH001

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