G.E. ADVANTIUM Microwave Glass Plate / Tray 12 3/4 " WB49X10074

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  • Glass turntable plate / tray for G.E. Advantium / Microwave combinations
  • Measures approximately 12 3/4 inches in overall diameter
  • Outside diameter of turntable track is 11 inches
  • This microwave tray replaces G.E. part # WB49X10074

This microwave plate fits the following G.E. convection and Advantium models:

JVM1490BD002, JVM1490BD003, JVM1490BH01, JVM1490BH02, JVM1490CD002, JVM1490CD003, JVM1490CH01, JVM1490CH02, JVM1490SD002, JVM1490SD003, JVM1490SH01, JVM1490SH02, JVM1490WD002, JVM1490WD003, JVM1490WH01, JVM1490WH02, SCA1000DBB03, SCA1000DCC03, SCA1000DWW03, SCA1000HBB01, SCA1000HBB02, SCA1000HBB03, SCA1000HBB04, SCA1000HCC01, SCA1000HCC02, SCA1000HCC03, SCA1000HCC04, SCA1000HSS01, SCA1000HWW01, SCA1000HWW02, SCA1000HWW03, SCA1000HWW04, SCA1001DSS03, SCA1001FSS001, SCA1001FSS02, SCA1001HSS01, SCA1001HSS02, SCA1001HSS03, SCA1001KSS01, SCA1001KSS02


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