120V Microwave Turntable Motor ST-16 KX63MQAD WB26X0186

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  • 120V, 6 rpm, 60hz, 2W, # KX63MQAD, ST-16 Turntable Motor
  • Plastic 5/8" half moon shaft (D shaped).
  • This motor is a direct replacement for GE part # WB26X186
  • The motor label will look different than the original, however, specs will be the same. 

This motor is compatible with the following GE models ...

JE1140BD001, JE1140WD001, JE1160BD001 JE1160BD02, JE1160BD03, JE1160BD04, JE1160WD001, JE1160WD02, JE1160WD03, JE1160WD04, JE1235WW003, JE1235WW004, JE1235WW01, JE1235WW02, JE2160BF001, JE2160BF02, JE2160BF03, JE2160CF001, JE2160CF02, JE2160CF03, JE2160SF001, JE2160SF02, JE2160SF03, JE2160SF04, JE2160WF001, JE2160WF02, JE2160WF03, JE635WC02, JE635WC01, JE635WW01, JE635WW02, JE635WC03, JE635WW05, JE635WW04, JE635WW03, JE835WW005, JE835WW004, JE635WW06, JE835WW03, JE835WW02, JE835WW01, JES1142SJ02, JES1142SJ01, JES1142SF02, JES1142SJ05, JES1142SJ04, JES1142SJ03, JES1142WD03, JES1142WD02, JES1142WD001

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