Whirlpool Microwave Glass Turntable Tray / Plate 12 3/4 " 4358641

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Glass turntable plate / tray for Whirlpool microwave oven models listed below

  • Measures approximately 12 3/4 inches in diameter
  • The inner ring where the turntable wheels fit has an outside diameter of 11 inches

This microwave tray replaces Whirlpool part #

  • 4358641

This microwave plate fits the following Whirlpool models:

GH7155XHS0, MH6130XEB0, MH6130XEB1, MH6130XEQ0, MH6130XEQ1, MH6150XHB0, MH6150XHB1, MH6150XHQ0, MH6150XHQ1, MH6150XHT1, MH7130XEB0, MH7130XEB1, MH7130XEB2, MH7130XEQ0, MH7130XEQ1, MH7130XEQ2, MH7130XEZ0, MH7130XEZ1, MH7130XEZ2, MH7135XEB0, MH7135XEB1, MH7135XEB2, MH7135XEQ0, MH7135XEQ1, MH7135XEQ2, MHE13XHB0, MHE13XHB1, MHE13XHQ0, MHE13XHQ1, MT4111XBG0, MT4111XBQ0, MT4111XBR0, MT5111XDG0, MT5111XDQ0

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