Sharp Microwave Roller Wheel / Turntable Support FROLPA101WRKZ

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Replacement roller wheel / turntable support assembly for Sharp Microwave oven models listed below

This roller ring replaces Sharp part #


This turntable support is compatible ONLY with the following Sharp Microwave Oven models...

R190HK, R190HW, R120DW, R200BK, R203BW, R201FK, R201FW, R202EK, R202EW, R203EW, R203FW, R203HW, R204CW, R206FW, R209AK, R209AW, R209BK, R209EK, R209HK, R209KK, R210AK, R214FW, R215EW, R216FS, R216LS, R220AW, R220BW, R220FW, R220HW, R220KW, R230AK, R230AW, R230BK, R230BW, R230HK, R230HW, R230KK, R230KW, R2A12, R2A43, R2A47, R2A48, R2A52, R2A52A, R2A82, R2A82A, R2F52, R2M52, R2M57, R2M58, R2W38, R305HD, R305HK, R305HW, R305KS, R305MR, R306LK, R306LW, R308HK, R308HW, R308JK, R308JS, R308JSF, R308JW, R308JWF, R308KK, R308KW, R308NW, R309JW, R310HK, R310HW, R310JK, R310JW, R315JS, R320HQF, R320HK, R320HQ, R320HW, R120, R120DG, R120DR, R140DB, R140D-G, R210A, R210D, R210H, R221K, R2221K, R230H, R231J, R231H, R240C, R240D, R240E, R2S56, R2S58, R2V54, R2V58, R290HS, R330H, 330JS, R330JW, R340H, R350H, R350J, R350LS, R350LW, R380H, R397JS, R398K

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