LG / Goldstar Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 12 Inches

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Replacement glass plate / tray for LG / Goldstar microwave oven models listed below

  • Measures approximately 12 inches in overall diameter.

This microwave tray replaces LG Goldstar part #

  • 1B71018F
  • 1B71018G

This microwave plate fits all series of the following LG / Goldstar models...

ER6460E, ER647LE, ER686PE LTM9000, LTM9000ST, LTM9020, LTM9020W1 M175TC, M180TC M289BT, M295TC MA8815E, MA881TE, MA892TE MC7642E, MC7642W MC7643D, MC7643DS MC766Y, MC766YS, MC766YW, MC767W MC7682W, MC7683D, MC7826M MC7826MBL, MC7826MG MC800AW MD2642GT, MD2653GT MD5653GT MG5315, MG5326, MG5335T, MG5336T MG5622E, MG562YS, MG5632E MG563YS, MG567Y, MG567YS MG5683FLB, MG568YS, MG5807C MG605V, MH662Y, MH662YS MH667Y, MH667YC, MH667YS, MH667YT MH8745E, MH881TE, MH8855E, MH886TE MS2315, MS2315E, MS2335T MS2335TE, MS2335TGE, MS2355D MS2507D, MS253MDB, MS2622E, MS2623L MS262Y, MS262YS, MS2632E MS2642FB, MS2642W MS267Y, MS267YS MS2682B, MS268T, MS268TS MS269T, MS269TS MS283MC, MS283MCBL, MS283TD, MS285SD MW23T

Bellings M382TC, MW820T 

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