G.E Advantium Microwave Turntable Plate / Tray 13 Inch WB49X10052

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  • PLEASE NOTE !! This replacement is the original 13 inch size that originally came in GE Advantium units
  • G.E. and other retailers only supply an 11 inch tray replacement and the original 13 inch is no longer sold

We currently are the only company offering the original 13 inch size tray.

  • Ceramic turntable plate / tray for G.E. Advantium SCA2000 series units
  • Measures approximately 13 inches in overall diameter
  • Outside diameter of turntable track is about 9 inches
  • This microwave tray replaces G.E. part #s
  • WB49X10052
  • WB49X10246

This microwave plate fits the following G.E.Advantium models:  

SCA2000BAA03, SCA2000BAA04, SCA2000BBB03, SCA2000BBB04, SCA2000BCC03, SCA2000BCC04, SCA2000BWW03, SCA2000BWW04, SCA2000FBB01, SCA2000FBB02, SCA2000FBB03, SCA2000FCC01, SCA2000FCC02, SCA2000FCC03, SCA2000FWW01, SCA2000FWW02, SCA2000FWW03, SCA2001BSS03, SCA2001FSS01, SCA2001FSS02, SCA2001FSS03, SCA2001KSS01, SCB2000CAA03, SCB2000CBB03, SCB2000CCC03, SCB2000CWW03, SCB2000FBB01, SCB2000FBB02, SCB2000FBB03, SCB2000FCC01, SCB2000FCC02, SCB2000FCC03, SCB2000FWW01, SCB2000FWW02, SCB2000FWW03, SCB2001CSS03, SCB2001FSS01, SCB2001FSS02, SCB2001KSS01, SCB2001KSS02, SCBC2000CBB001, SCBC2000CBB01, SCBC2000CCC001, SCBC2000CCC01, SCBC2000CWW001, SCBC2000CWW01, SCBC2001CSS001, SCBC2001CSS01, ZSC2000CBB02, ZSC2000CBB03, ZSC2000CWW02, ZSC2000CWW03, ZSC2000FBB01, ZSC2000FBB02, ZSC2000FWW01, ZSC2000FWW02, ZSC2001CSS02, ZSC2001CSS03, ZSC2001FSS01, ZSC2001FSS02

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