2M248J LG Microwave Magnetron GE # WB27X10309

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  • 2M248J Microwave Magnetron  Tube GE # WB27X103091
  • 2M248J  Microwave Magnetron Tube GE # WB27X103093
  • 2M248J LG Microwave Magnetron Tube GE # WB27X103092


  • This is a popular replacement magnetron tube, type 2M248J GM

This 2M248J magnetron tube replaces GE part #

  • WB27X10309

IMPORTANT NOTE :There are many versions of the 2M248 magnetron tube - this tube ONLY replaces type 2M248J GS & 2M248J GM.

  • Please insure compatibility before ordering
  • This item is a brand new, factory replacement part direct from the manufacturer
  • 90 Day exchange only warranty
  • No refunds once item has been installed

This magnetron is compatible for the following GE microwave models ...

JE1840GB002, JE1840GB01, JE1840WB002, JE1840WB01, JE1860BH001, JE1860CB002, JE1860CB003, JE1860CH001, JE1860GB002, JE1860GB003, JE1860GB01, JE1860SB002, JE1860SB003, JE1860SB01, JE1860SH001, JE1860WB002, JE1860WB003, JE1860WB01, JE1860WH001, JE1860WH02, JES1351WB002, JES1351WB01, JES1351WB03, JES1651SJ01, JES1651SJ02, JES1656BH001, JES1656BH02, JES1656SJ01, JES1656SJ02, JES1656WH001, JES1656WH02, JES1851AB002, JES1851AB003, JES1851AB01, JES1851BB01, JES1851GB001, JES1851GB002, JES1851GB003, JES1851SB002, JES1851SB003, JES1851SB01, JES1851WB002, JES1851WB003, JES1851WB01, JVM1490BD002, JVM1490BD003, JVM1490BD03, JVM1490BH01, JVM1490BH02, JVM1490CD002

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