Samsung / Toshiba Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 13 1/2"

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Glass Turntable/Carousel tray for Samsung & Toshiba microwave ovens

  • Measures approximately 13 1/2 inches in overall diameter
  • Outside diameter of turntable track is 10 1/2 inches

This microwave tray replaces

  • Samsung part # DE74-20016
  • Toshiba part # 12570000001005

This microwave plate fits all series of the following Samsung Microwave Oven models:

MB6544W, MB6752W, MC6566W, MO1640BA, MO1640CA, MO1640WA, MO1650BA, MO1650CA, MO1650WA, MW6430W, MS6745G, MW5580W, MW6351G, MW6350W, MW6564W, MW6565G, MW6630T, MW6930W, SMH4150BD, SMH4150WD, SMH6150BB, SMH6150WC, SMH7150BC, SMH7150CC, SMH7150WC, SMH7155BC, SMH7159BC, SMH7159CC, SMH7159WC, SMK9175, SMK9175ST, SMV9165BC, SMV9165S, Toshiba ML2-EC42SAE (SS) Toshiba EC042A5C-SS

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