Amana Microwave Glass Plate / Tray 12 3/4 Inches # R9800455

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  • Glass turntable plate / tray for Amana microwave ovens
  • Measures approximately 12 3/4 inches in overall diameter
  • Outside diameter of turntable track is 11 inches

This microwave tray replaces Amana part # s

  • R9800455
  • R0131493
  • 53001023

This microwave plate fits the following Amana microwave oven models :

ACM1580AS,  ACM1580AS,  ACM1580AW,  ACM1580AW, ACO1520AB,  ACO1520AC,  ACO1520W, ACO1560AB,  ACO1560AC,  ACO1560AS,  ACO1560AW,  AMV5164AAB,  AMV5164AAB,  AMV5164AAB,  AMV5164AAQ, AMV5164AAQ,  AMV5164AAQ,  AMV5164AAS,  AMV5164AAS, AMV5164AAS,  AMV5164AAW,  AMV5164AAW,  AMV5164AAW, AMV5164ACB,  AMV5164ACS,  AMV5164ACW, DLD10E,  DLD10M,  DLD10SE, JMC8127DDB,  JMC8127DDQ,  JMC8127DDS,  JMC8127DDW, JMC8130DDB,  JMC8130DDQ,  JMC8130DDS,  JMC8130DDW,  JMC9158AAB,  JMC9158AAQ,  JMC9158AAS,  JMC9158AAW, LD10,  LD10D,  LD10D, LD510,  LD510M,  LD510S, MMV1153AAB,  MMV1153AAB,  MMV1153AAW,  MMV1153AAW, MMV5156AAB,  MMV5156AAQ,  MMV5156AAS,  MMV5156AAW, MMV5156ACB,  MMV5156ACB,  MMV5156ACQ,  MMV5156ACQ, MMV5156ACS,  MMV5156ACS,  MMV5156ACW,  MMV5156ACW, MVH140E,  MVH140W, MVH150E,  MVH150W, MVH240E,  MVH240L,  MVH240W, MVH250C,  MVH250E,  MVH250L,  MVH250W, MVH340E,  MVH340L,  MVH340W, MVH350C,  MVH350E,  MVH350L,  MVH350SS,  MVH350W,  MVH350W, ULD510,  ULD510M,  ULD510S,  UMLD10E,  UMLD10M,UMLD10SE, UMV1152AAB,  UMV1152AAQ,  UMV1152AAW

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